The company has a modern fleet of vehicles with a full load range of 3.5 to 40 tons, capacity of 1 to 34 pallets, which allows us to be flexible in finding effective solutions in the most specific needs of our partners.

To date we have 12 trucks, 10 of which are EURO 5, 12 trailers, most of theme are specialized for the transport of stone.We have also vans and small trucks up to 7.5 tons.

The company maintains a contract of employment a sufficient number of international drivers to be able to carry out its transport services in the shortest possible delivery times for all vehicles.

Each vehicle is equipped with navigation and GPS tracking allows us most effective and timely implementation of transportation control and can not guarantee the security of shipments of our partners.

Better operational planning of our clients 24 hours provide information about the location of cargo, and the exact time of arrival at the unloading address.

All vehicles are equipped for the carriage of flammable and hazardous substances. ADR.

The company has a car base and use warehouses.

Moreover, storage rooms throughout Italy.

With respect to the forwarding company has built long-standing relationships with more than 100 domestic and foreign carriers proven process of collaboration, competence, honesty and reliability.